Creating shape with shears and clippers to design a hairstyle that is tailored to you. Bespoke cuts begin with a consultation and includes styling tips and tricks and is handcrafted to fit your personal character based on technique and an artistic eye. These haircuts take 45 minutes. Haircut includes light beard work and a straight razor finish.
Barber style cuts including: Bald fades executed with razors, Tapers or Square Backs, Business Cuts, Buzz-cuts, High and Tights, Dapper styles, and Head shaves with straight razor. All traditional haircuts Include an outline lineup and take 30 minutes.
Beards are cool and manly, but they require some serious upkeep. I can take it down, shape it up and turn you into the respectable man your family raised you to be. All beard trims include a conditioning treatment that will keep is soft and smooth. They take 30 minutes.
Specializing in all short hairstyles that leave you feeling empowerd. Styles including Pixies, Short Textured, Dapper Boi, Undercuts, Faux Hawks, Shaved sides, Bobs, Asymmetrical cuts, etc. Whatever it may be, I've got you covered. Haircuts Include consultations and styling tips. They take about 45 minutes.
Are you looking for something to distinguish you from the rest? Then, Line work and Abstract Designs are for you. Now, let's get creative. Design work takes anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes, so please book accordingly.

Service includes hot steam towel, shaving lather, finished with after shave and a professional finish.

Each service is tailored specifically to hair and skin type, and customer requests.